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The world is crazy over smartphones in the current generation. Almost every other person out there is on the hunt to find a phone that possesses all the latest features while not burning a hole in their pockets. We are sure that while reading this, some of you might already be making a list of all the specifications that you would look for in a phone.

As of today, the leading smartphone vendor worldwide is Samsung. It is followed by Huawei and Apple, two of the other popular manufacturers of some of the best cell phones in the world. It is quite unlikely for you not to have heard of these smartphone vendors as they still continue to storm the cellphone market every year with the launch of some of the best models that give other companies a run for their money. However, since most people out there set their minds on buying the best selling phones of that particular year, the sale of many new smartphones that may have been launched the same year falls flat. Now, unless and until a celebrity or gadget nazi promotes all these new phones on the block, a majority of people out there would not know that such phones even existed. This is absolutely sad as some of these phones might actually be a lot better than some of the top phones in the market.

Today, we have decided to review one such phone that can give other smartphones a run for their money. The phone that we will be reviewing today doesn’t just look stylish, but it also includes some of the latest technologies that most potential phone buyers out there look for while purchasing a new smartphone. This smartphone is called Xone Phone. Does this name ring a bell? If so, then great! But if not, then maybe you are missing on something very important this year. So, without building your curiosity even more, let us dive straight into the review of this modern smartphone.

Xone Phone

About Xone Phone

The smartphone industry is undoubtedly growing every passing year. Every year, a number of phones that launch into the market are so good that it leaves the customers confused as to which phone to buy. The smartphone vendors are leaving no stone unturned to surprise its potential buyers with the new technical concepts that they try and include in their respective smartphones every year. The customers soon catch up on the latest trends and from thereon, they look for phones with all the latest features that they are aware of.

One of the new smartphones on the block is Xone Phone, which is created by an Eurpean startup. This phone has already become the talk of the town among thousands of people due to its outstanding performance. Today, many smartphone lovers are going gaga over the smart screen. In the past few years almost all phones have implemented this feature into their phone and Xone Phone has also done just that. But, the main difference here is that while most such smartphones can burn a hole in your pockets, Xone Phone does quite the opposite as it is costs about three times less than most of its competitors.

If you are looking for phones with a premium flagship look that is absolutely stylish and trendy, then Xone Phone is the way to go. This smartphone claims to have all the features of a smartphone, but at a much lower price.

The smartphone industry has been growing at such a rapid rate in the past few years that it has now become difficult to keep a check on its progress. Hence, it could be quite a task to choose a phone that out of the hundreds out there. You may have often come across a situation where you finally feel like you have found the smartphone that suits you best feature-wise, but one look at its price and you will be forced to think twice about your choice. This is where one ought to think that wouldn’t it have been great to have a phone that satisfies all the requirements of its customers and at the same time comes at a reasonable price? Well, it looks like some prayers have finally been answered because Xone Phone is just that.

Irrespective of what your main purpose with your phone is, be it for personal use, studies, business, or just for fun; Xone Phone will not fail to stand up to your expectations. This smartphone has entered the global market as a breathe of fresh air that offers the best to its customers performance-wise. The best part about this phone is that you will not have to worry about missing out on any of the important features that other smartphones have.

The Xone Phone comes with a 5.7 inch screen with minimal side frames and it takes up 90% of the front panel. This smartphone also comes with a dual camera and a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint sensor functions at a speed of 0.1 seconds. The resolution of the Xone Phone screen is 1498 x 720 pixels, which comes with a cutout for the loudspeaker as well as the front camera. Furthermore, this phone comes with a RAM of 2 GB and flash memory of 16 GB.

Xone Phone review

Main Features of Xone Phone

Xone Phone boasts of many amazing features and thus offers much more to its customers than one can imagine. Its main features include:

  • Simplicity and ease of use – For some people out there, navigating a new phone and getting used to it might be challenging. However, that should be the least of your concerns while purchasing Xone Phone as it comes with detailed easy-to-follow manual, which will help you start using this phone with ease.
  • A large 5.7 inch screen – If you have always wanted to use a phone with a large screen with minimal side frames, Xone Phone will not disappoint you here either as it comes with a large 5.7 inch screen.
  • Multi-touch screen – The screen of Xone Phone is also multi-touch IPS capacitive that will provide you with an amazing visual experience.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth v4.00, 3G, and 4G LTE – These features of Xone Phone ensures strong connection with lightning speed.
  • Android 8.1 operating system – This OS is also commonly known as Oreo. It is one of the best operating systems launched by Android and is noted for the improved security it offers its phones. This OS also helps in boosting the overall performance of Xone Phone.
  • Dual sim slots – You can use two sims in the same phone due to the availability of dual sim slots in Xone Phone. You will feel like you are using two phones at the same time with this feature.
  • Memory card slot – Although the ROM (read-only memory) of this phone is low at just 16 GB, the availability of an external memory slot can increase the memory of Xone Phone to 128 GB.
  • Multiple languages – You can choose the language of your choice for Xone Phone.
  • Dual GPS and Glonass – These features of Xone Phone ensures that you have access to ultra-accurate navigation.

You will get to experience all of these features at a very reasonable price upon purchasing Xone Phone.

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Other Key Features

Some of the other key features of Xone Phone include its camera, media format and battery type. Let us take a brief look into these features of the smartphone right below.

Camera Resolution and More

  • Camera – 16.0MP
  • of cameras – 3
  • Front camera – 2.0MP
  • Rear camera – 8.0MP + 5.0MP AF
  • Taillight – Present with double blinking LED
  • Video resolution – 1080p
  • Camera function – Touch focus
  • Aperture: F2.2 back, F 2.0 front

Media Format

  • Audio – MP3, AAC, FLAC, AMR, and AWB
  • Video – 3GP and MP4
  • Picture – PNG, BMP, GIF, and JPEG

Battery Capacity And More

  • Battery capacity – 3350 mAh
  • Battery types – Non-removable Li-Polymer
  • Talk time – Upto 9 hours
  • Standby time – Upto 250 hours
  • Size – 149.2 x 72.2 x 9.65 mm
  • Weight – 171.5 g

As you can see, Xone Phone comes with a 16.0MP camera and a 3350 mAh battery, which further adds to its already amazing features.

Now, it is finally time for the most awaited section of the review – a list of all the pros and cons of Xone Phone. Let us start by first having a look at all the pros of this stylish smartphone before moving to its cons.

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Pros of Xone Phone

Some of the advantages that this smartphone has over its counterparts are:

  • Xone Phone comes at a very affordable price. The cost of this phone will soon be revealed in the following sections.
  • It has a large display with a resolution of about 720p HD+
  • This phone also has a decent camera with a resolution of 16.0MP. It also has a rear camera with 8.0MP and a front camera with 2.0 MP.
  • The video quality of Xone Phone is another of its highlights.
  • The battery capacity of Xone Phone is 3350 mAh, which is again quite reasonable and will last you an entire day.
  • The protective case of Xone Phone is also quite impressive and helps in providing additional protection from falls as well as scratches.

So, these were all the pros of Xone Phone. We can now move on and have a look at some of the cons for this smartphone

Cons of Xone Phone

These are some cons of Xone Phone that you must be wary of as well. They are:

  • It might become a little slow when you have opened too many applications at the same time.
  • It could do better with its audio quality.
  • Xone Phone does not support NFC technology.

The pros of this smartphone definitely weigh a lot more than its cons. You will also agree with this when you find out the cost at which you are getting the Xone Phone.

Pricing and Refund Policy

Currently, Xone Phone is being sold at 50% off and you can buy it for just $180. If you have a couple of friends as well who have been planning to buy this phone, then you can buy Xone Phone in a bulk.

The buying options for this smartphone are as follows.

So, if you have friends who have been eyeing Xone Phone for sometime as well, you can all plan and buy this phone in bulk to get it for the best possible price.

If you have received a damaged or defective phone, you can get your phone exchanged for a new one. However, you will have to do this within 30 days of purchasing the phone. You can also claim for a refund in such a scenario given that you return the phone unused and in its original packaging. All returned products must have a Return Merchandise Authorisation number written on them for a successful refund or exchange.

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Customer Reviews

Let us now hear from some users of Xone Phone themselves as to what they think about this smartphone.

Nancy – I am so in love with Xone Phone! It doesn’t just look super stylish, but also functions quite smoothly. I am very impressed with the pictures this phone takes as well.

Jason – I am just so amazed that such a wonderful phone comes at such a decent price! It looks like Xone Phone will soon give other smartphones a run for their money.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Xone Phone is one of the best smartphone options for those who have been hunting for a good quality cell phone at an affordable price. This phone looks extremely stylish and comes with almost all the main features that some of the most popular cell phones in the market are associated with. Hence, we would say that Xone Phone is definitely worth a buy given all that the smartphone offers its users at its price.

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